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28.04.2021 Discussion “Global Internet: Space of Threats or Space of Opportunities?”
22.04.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Igor Makarov about the US Summit on Climate
15.04.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Victor Mizin about the future of arms control
13.04.2021 “Digital diplomacy: Can new technologies completely transform world politics?”
08.04.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Denis Denisov about the crisis in the east of Ukraine
01.04.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexey Grivach about consequences of the incident in the Suez canal
25.03.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexander Losev about the cost of the pandemic for the world economy
24.03.2021 The VII Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings
22.03.2021 Online lecture by Alexey Fenenko "Transformation of Liberalism in the International-Political Landscape”
19.03.2021 Speech by Sergey Lavrov at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Gorchakov Fund
18.03.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Timofey Borodachev about the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune
16.03.2021 Online discussion “Sava Raguzinsky: More than just a story”
11.03.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Dmitry Kosyrev about events in Myanmar
04.03.2021 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexey Gromyko about results of the Munich Conference - 2021
25.02.2021 EXPERT’S OPINION: Karen Gevorkyan about ideas and values in cinema and politics
18.02.2021 EXPERT’S OPINION: Ivan Popov about the future of Russia and the EU
04.02.2021 EXPERT’S OPINION: Victoria Zhuravleva about the new Cold War between Russia and the U.S.
03.02.2021 Discussion "75 Years of the Victory: A View from the Middle East"
28.01.2021 EXPERT’S OPINION: Oleg Ivanov about current topics of the foreign policy in 2021
21.01.2021 EXPERT’S OPINION: Dmitry Suslov about the U.S. elections
29.12.2020 "Russian-British Relations in 2020: An Expert's Opinion"
25.12.2020 Discussion "75 Years of the Victory: A View from Asia"
24.12.2020 EXPERT’S OPINION: Alexey Fenenko about results of 2020
22.12.2020 Conference "2020: Preliminary results" (in partnership with MIRNaS and ISAN)
17.12.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexandra Ogneva on results of Germany's chairmanship in the Council of Europe
10.12.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Tigran Oganesyan on human rights
04.12.2020 Lecture by Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terracciano
03.12.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Vasily Veselov about the Day of the Unknown Soldier
30.11.2020 Online discussion “Between the centrifugal force and the integration force: The future of the European integration during the pandemic”
26.11.2020 Laboratory of Historical Memory “World without the UN”
25.11.2020 Presentation of the book by Alexey Fenenko "History of International Relations: 1648-1945”
19.11.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Dmitry Semenovsky on the Rodchenkov Act
13.11.2020 Roundtable “The Balkans as a geopolitical hotspot: Old problems – new crises”
12.11.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Leonid Sviridov about current events in Poland
05.11.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Maxim Suchkov about the US elections
30.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexander Raar on if the world crisis will become an opportunity for peace
28.10.2020 Roundtable “Russian-Moldovan relations: Present state and prospects”
23.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Petre Mamradze about the parliamentary elections in Georgia
23.10.2020 Roundtable “Strategic partnership between Russia and Belarus under conditions of global turbulence"
15.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Bozidar Kenzevic about the first "colour revolution"
12.10.2020 The Gorchakov Fund at CFDP Lecture Center: “World Order: Cancellation, Repair or Rebuilding?”
08.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Sergey Kukharenko about the current events in China
07.10.2020 Online presentation of the report “The EAEU in publications of top western think tanks in 2019”
01.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Gevorg Mirzayan about the symbol of the year 2020
24.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Andrea Gianotti about the 75th session of the UN General Assembly
17.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Vitaly Sumsky about the place of ASEAN in modern international relations
11.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Ruslan Mamedov about the balance of power in the Middle East
03.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Aleksey Fenenko about the importance of World War II
27.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexander Losev on how much the world will pay for the pandemic
20.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Rostislav Ishchenko about technologies of protests and revolutions
14.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexey Sarabyev about the crisis in Lebanon
11.08.2020 Online lecture “Rossotrudnichestvo: At the cutting edge of humanitarian work on the exterior”
06.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Victor Mizin - 75 years since Hiroshima
30.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Dmitry Lortkipanidze about Georgia-2020
29.07.2020 “One train – different speeds of the carriages". Results of the EU summit
28.07.2020 THE TIME OF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY. Roman Silantyev on the interconnection between destructive sects and the Maidan
23.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Vitaly Smirnov about the experience of the Moscow Olympics - 80
14.07.2020 THE TIME OF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY. Dmitry Kamynin about the digital apocalypse
09.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Andrey Miller about the construction of Nord Stream 2
08.07.2020 Major Aspects of Development of the Union State