14.04.2021 17:01:00 “Europe speaks in unison when it is silent”: Summary of the discussion about European cooperation
14.04.2021 16:32:00 “Expert’s Opinion”: Victor Mizin about the future of the arms control
13.04.2021 18:23:00 The Vienna Convention on Cyberspace: The Gorchakov Fund hosted an expert discussion about the digital diplomacy phenomenon
12.04.2021 17:53:00 Experts of the Gorchakov Fund and Roskosmos Corporate Academy will discuss importance of developing space programs
12.04.2021 12:08:00 The School of Legal Literacy for Young Compatriots opened in Armenia
10.04.2021 22:16:00 Participants of the InterYes Forum developed six international projects in public diplomacy
08.04.2021 22:13:00 Denis Denisov: “Ukrainian authorities will not proceed with implementation of the Minsk Agreement”
08.04.2021 17:58:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host an expert discussion about the digital diplomacy phenomenon
08.04.2021 15:36:00 “Expert’s Opinion”: Denis Denisov about the crisis in the east of Ukraine
05.04.2021 17:59:00 The Gorchakov Fund invites to attend a Russian-French discussion about European cooperation
05.04.2021 13:30:00 A workshop of public diplomacy projects opened in Ulyanovsk
05.04.2021 09:03:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Leonid Drachevsky a happy birthday
02.04.2021 14:26:00 Call for applications to participate in the youth session of the Primakov Readings-2021
02.04.2021 10:37:00 The Gorchakov Fund will support international Youth Forum "Inter Yes"
01.04.2021 22:13:00 Alexey Grivach in the “Expert’s Opinion” show: Diversification is the foundation of security of the world trade
01.04.2021 10:43:00 Potential of the CIS youth will be discussed with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
31.03.2021 14:44:00 “Expert’s Opinion”: Alexey Grivach about consequences of the accident in the Suez Canal
29.03.2021 09:58:00 Fyodor Lukyanov – about the future of the South Caucasus
27.03.2021 12:03:00 Cooperation opportunities between the CIS countries and the EU in fighting COVID-19 were discussed in St. Petersburg
25.03.2021 20:31:00 Alexander Losev in the Expert’s Opinion show: “The world crisis would have come even without the coronavirus”
24.03.2021 18:30:00 A dialogue on the ruins: conclusions of the Potsdam Meetings
23.03.2021 17:56:00 “Expert’s Opinion”: Alexander Losev about the cost of the pandemic for the world economy
23.03.2021 10:28:00 Registration for webinar “Current Problems of International Aerospace Law” is still open
22.03.2021 18:11:00 “Today liberalism denies basic freedoms”: conclusions of the lecture by Alexey Fenenko at the Gorchakov Fund
21.03.2021 00:01:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Sergey Lavrov a happy birthday!
19.03.2021 13:57:00 A speech by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Gorchakov Fund
19.03.2021 11:53:00 A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Gorchakov Fund took place in Moscow
18.03.2021 19:10:00 “In Russia, its own Paris Commune won: Timofey Borodachev at the Expert’s Opinion show
18.03.2021 15:02:00 About conflicts in cyberspace: A lecture by Yelena Chernenko at the School "Teach Fish to Swim-5”
18.03.2021 13:05:00 Online Workshop for activists and NGOs from the Baltic states
18.03.2021 12:58:00 New projects of cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan will be discussed with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
17.03.2021 13:36:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host a lecture by Alexey Fenenko about transformation of theory of liberalism
17.03.2021 11:55:00 Labour migration in the changing world will be discussed with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
16.03.2021 17:48:00 “Expert’s Opinion”: Timofey Borodachev about the 150the anniversary of the Paris Commune
16.03.2021 16:18:00 A Serbian diplomat in the history of the Russian empire: results of the discussion about Sava Raguzinky
12.03.2021 20:28:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host a discussion about significance of Sava Raguzinsky for Russia and Serbia
12.03.2021 17:50:00 The International UN Model has ended in Pyatigorsk
11.03.2021 20:58:00 Dmitry Kosyrev: “There is no coup in Myanmar”
10.03.2021 17:37:00 “Nowhere without WHO”: the 5th Pyatigorsk UN Model was launched with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
09.03.2021 19:15:00 Expert's Opinion: journalist Dmitry Kosyrev will analyze events in Myanmar
04.03.2021 16:28:00 Where the U.S. “returned”: Alexey Gromyko about results of the Munich Conference
02.03.2021 14:42:00 The Gorchakov Fund will discuss results of the Munich Conference with Alexey Gromyko
02.03.2021 11:02:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Alexander Raar a happy birthday
01.03.2021 21:19:00 Youth of the Krasnodar Krai explored basics of public diplomacy
26.02.2021 17:56:00 An alliance between the “competitor" and the “troublemaker”: A Russian-Chinese meeting at the Gorchakov Fund
26.02.2021 16:17:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Valery Kenyaykin a happy birthday!
25.02.2021 20:28:00 “When losing our culture we lose ourselves”: Summary of the meeting with film director Karen Gevorkian
25.02.2021 19:57:00 The 5th School “Teach Fish to Swim” opened with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
20.02.2021 09:40:00 Experts from Russia and China will discuss relations between the countries on the background of the US sanctions
19.02.2021 21:51:00 “The Future of the Caucasus”: The Gorchakov Fund will support an association of young leaders of the North Caucasus Federal District
12.02.2021 13:45:00 Call for applications to attend the VII Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings
11.02.2021 15:58:00 Contest “SDG Youth Ambassadors of Russia” opens with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
11.02.2021 12:50:00 The Gorchakov Fund will support a workshop of public diplomacy projects
08.02.2021 10:51:00 Public activists from Adygea met with youth leaders from Turkey
05.02.2021 10:13:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Rustam Ibragimbekov a happy birthday!
04.02.2021 19:09:00 Online debates “Soft Power of a State: Cultural Diplomacy in Education”
04.02.2021 12:11:00 The CIRP Winter School-2021: Priorities of Russia’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council
03.02.2021 11:16:00 International conference “Public Diplomacy and Humanitarian Cooperation” took place with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
02.02.2021 07:51:00 February 2 – birthday of the Gorchakov Fund
29.01.2021 13:08:00 The Gorchakov Fund and CFDP will host online discussion “75 Years of the Victory: A Perspective from the Middle East”