Call for applications: The Dialogue in the Name of the Future – 2021

The 11th research and educational program of the Gorchakov Fund “The Dialogue in the Name of the Future” will take place on November 25 – December 4 in a hybrid format. 

Despite the online format of the event, the Dialogue, as before, will bring together top Russian and foreign scientists, international relations experts, representatives of government agencies, business community, media and workers of culture.

During 11 years of its existence, the Dialogue has become a well-established discussion platform in Russia and abroad with the participation of young scientists-experts in international affairs, political scientists, journalists, representatives of think tanks and civil society activists from all continents.

This time, the attendees of the Dialogue will discuss a wider range of important topics related to global stability, democratization of foreign affairs, solidarity in international relations based on realities of cultural and civilizational diversity of the modern world. On the background of current failures of the global management system, which has hit the red line, it is crucial to prepare together for the future, to envisage problems that will face the humankind and understand how to be ready to make decisions on a global scale.
Traditionally, a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will be a highlight of the event.
"This format is designed to enable young people from different countries to talk and gain information from different sources about what is happening in foreign policy, so that you can get together, express your opinions, listen to what others have to say, and try to identify things that constitute the main goal of diplomacy which is general understanding and balance of interests. The better and deeper you understand the unfolding events and the more you are aware of the positions of the key participants of international relations, the better off the entire international community will be. Now, more than ever, the world is experiencing a shortage of constructive approaches and stances aimed at forming a common vision of how to move forward, not only with regard to specific conflicts that need to be resolved and settled, but also in a much broader conceptual context – a common vision of where the world is headed and what methods will be used to regulate it", – this is how the Russian foreign minister emphasized importance of the Dialogue in the Name of the Future. 

Who can become a participant?

- young foreign affairs experts, political scientists, economists, lawyers, journalists and historians;
- experts in innovation technologies in military and public sectors, digital economy and information security;
- representatives of NGOs specializing in international cooperation and public diplomacy;
- young diplomats and representatives of governmental agencies;
- graduate and post-graduate students, professors from field-specific educational institutions.

Age of participants: 25-35.

The list of the participants is formed based on results of the competition.

Some participants will be invited to attend the forum in person, while others will be able to join the sessions on Zoom.

Terms of participation:

- the Gorchakov Fund will provide accommodation in double rooms, meals, cultural program, transfers in Moscow and visa support;

- the attendees will be responsible for travel to Moscow (by plane/train), a visa fee (in case it is not possible to receive a cultural exchange visa), transfers to/from the airport (railway station), and a PCR COVID test taken not earlier than November 26.

Languages of the event: Russia (certain sessions might take place in English).

How to apply?

1) complete an application form of the Gorchakov Fund;
2) attach a motivation letter (explaining why you would like to participate in the Dialogue in the Name of the Future – 2021).

Deadline for applications: October 31, 2021.

All applicants will be notified about results of of the competition by email.

Please contact with any questions –

Additional information about the project, comments by the participants and the experts can be found here and in our promotional video.