Call for applications to attend conference “Russian-British Relations Today and Tomorrow”

"RUSSIAN-BRITISH RELATIONS TODAY AND TOMORROW" Conference will be held in London on March 27-28, 2020.  Applications are now open!

The Conference focuses on various aspects of bilateral relations between Russia and the UK, the dynamics of relations between the two countries at different stages and the prospects for strengthening ties at the present stage in business cooperation, cooperation in science and education between UK and Russia.

This Conference will provide communication channels between business and politics, and will allow you to hear the views of the leaders from around the world. In addition, the event will provide an opportunity to build ties with the UK experts as well as create the prerequisites for the formation of an expert community among compatriots in the UK.

The Conference will bring together young leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists from Europe and Russia.

With the support of the Gorchakov Foundation, a round table "Russian-British relations today and tomorrow: trend, practice and development criteria" is going to be organised.

The Conference organisers believe that the round table will become an important event and the main platform for discussing urgent issues of international cooperation in countering new challenges and threats.

Everyone who is interested in the following topics are invited to participate in the Conference: 

- Dialogue between Russia and Europe;

- Russian-British relations;

- Russian historical presence in the formation of modern European statehood.

The Conference format: classic round table as well as panel discussions and TED talks.

If you wish to attend the Conference please register by 2nd of March , 2020 by filling out the following application form

An expert commission will select the participants from applications submitted within the deadline. The selection results will be announced within three days after the close of the registration. The selected participants will be invited to participate in the two-day conference as per the program.

Organisers will provide accommodation and meals.

We wish you success in your application and looking forward to seeing you on March 27-28, 2020!