Dina Malysheva in the "Expert's Opinion" show: "The EAEU will occupy a decent place in the post-Soviet space"

"This year Kazakhstan is chairing the EAEU. Thanks to initiatives of Kazakhstan, ideas of integration of post-Soviet space are being transformed, which is opening up new opportunities for their implementation. Problems of that transformation are actively discussed, both by the academic community and in the media. It is desirable though that those discussions become more practical", said Dr. Dina Malysheva, Head of the Section for Central Asia of the Center for Post-Soviet Studies at IMEMO RAS during the "Expert's Opinion" show today, on August 12.

The expert mentioned an important contribution made by Kazakhstan into creation of the integration association, which includes majority of former USSR countries – the EAEU:

"One of initiators of establishing that association was first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. He articulated the idea of such association back in 1994 when presenting at MGIMO".

According to Malysheva, the process of giving momentum to integration processes in the post-Soviet space, enhancement of the structure and strengthening of relations within the association are continuously taking place. It can be viewed as a collective response of former republics to global and regional challenges in the areas of economy and security.

The expert listed several reasons interfering with positioning of the EAEU as a big international player. They include political disagreements between member countries and unfavourable international environment weakened by the coronavirus pandemic. The expert also said:

"The reality is such that the post-Soviet countries invite not regional or EAEU partners for cooperation, but external players, including western donor structures. This wasting of resources, which can be spent on the integration, encumbers consolidation of positions within the EAEU".

When speaking about the Kazakhstan's initiative to host the Russia-EU Summit, Malysheva mentioned:

"Although the EU member countries are interested in establishing energy, commercial, industrial and political ties with the post-Soviet states, those processes have not been developed. Starting from the 2010s, relations between Russia and the EU have been deteriorating and are currently experiencing their worst moment significantly slowing down commercial and economic cooperation and indirectly influencing trade and economic relations between the EAEU countries and other post-Soviet states".

The Gorchakov Fund also discussed the topic of Kazakhstan's joining the roadmaps of Russia and Belarus:

"Despite the fact that there are close bilateral relations between Russia and Belarus, it is too early  to speak about the common Union State. There is a number of unsolved problems between the two countires, and until they are resolved, it is too soon to discuss Kazakhstan's joining that state, which still exists only as a project", believes Dina Malysheva.

A recording of the show is available on the YouTube channel of the Gorchakov Fund.