Experts will discuss issues of combating xenophobia and extremism on a global scale

The Center for Studies of Extremism and Radicalism (CSER) under Moscow Institute of Economics (MIE) with the support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund will host international scientific conference "Xenophobia and Extremism: Global Challenges and Regional Trends" on October 26. The conference will take place online.

Sessions of the event will be available to watch on the YouTube channel of Moscow Institute of Economics.

The goal of the event is to hold an expert discussion of new challenges facing the international community when combating extremism and ways of coping with it. During the conference, participants will present reports on the topics of essence and expressions of extremism and social xenophobia, national policies and activities of radical organizations.

Main discussion topics:

1. Basic definitions of extremism in modern science;
2. Specifics of legislation and law enforcement in combating extremism;
3. Extremism, radicalism, xenophobia, hate crimes, genocide and other related concepts – cause-and-effect relationships, common and distinctive characteristics;
4. Prerequisites and forms of extremism, models of development of extremist groups in different countries;
5. Risks of not taking measures against extremism;
6. Global trends in anti-extremist legislation and law enforcement;
7. Dynamics of xenophobic moods in the society;
8. Dynamics of extremist crimes. Common trends;
9. Role of digital technologies in radicalization of a society;
10. Modern trends in activities of extremist organizations. Right and left extremists. Islamism.

Languages of the event: Russian and English.

Experts in studies of modern extremism, radicalism, interethnic and inter-religious relations, legal scholars, lawyers, historians and political scientists from 15 countries will attend the event. Scientific Director of the Department of History and Philology at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), member of the RAS Presidium Dr. Valery Tishkov, Deputy Head of Administration for Control of Execution of Laws on Federal Security, Interethnic Relations, Combating Extremism and Terrorism of the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia Alexey Zhafyarov, and Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Grigory Lukiyantsev will address the participants. President of Moscow Institute of Economics Igor Surat will open the conference.

The agenda of the conference is available here.

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CSER is a research and expert center established under Moscow Institute of Economics in April of 2021. Its goal is to perform monitoring and analysis of nature, content and consequences of expressions of extremism and radicalism in the modern world, undertake expert studies aimed at identifying signs of extremism in activities of certain individuals or organizations, development of educational content for students, lawyers and human rights advocates.

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