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13 October 2020
Roskosmos Corporate Academy and the Gorchakov Fund will host online conference “Russian Initiatives to Prevent the Arms Race in Outer Space”
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21 September 2020
IAC MSU will organize Laboratory “MedIATSiya” with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund: The International Week
26 June 2020
Not to reinvent the wheel: What Russia and countries in Central Asia can do together after the pandemic?
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14 April 2020
“World Order vs. Global Disorder”. Registration to participate in the online discussion of RCSC in Brussels and the Gorchakov Fund is open
16 March 2020
From an idea to an opportunity: projects from Central Asia were presented in Moscow
11 March 2020
Laboratory of Young Analyst “MedIATSiya” invites residents of Astrakhan to attend
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11 February 2020
“The Russian Muse of the English Economist”. The second lecture of the series “Women of the Russian Immigration of 1917-1939. Forgotten Names and Lives”
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17 November 2019
“Contemporary Peacekeeping: an Overview of Recent Trends and Approaches”. A lecture by Natalia Piskunova at the Gorchakov Fund
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08 November 2019
“Women of the Russian Immigration of 1917-1939. Forgotten Names and Lives”. The Gorchakov Fund begins a new series of lectures
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04 October 2019
The Tajik-Russian Youth Forum will take place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
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19 September 2019
“Parliamentary Diplomacy in the Modern World”. A lecture by Alexander Konkov at the Gorchakov Fund
08 July 2019
Summer School of Journalism “Mediatsiya” began accepting applications
18 September 2018
Alexey Fenenko is presenting a book about evolution of world orders
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14 September 2018
The Gorchakov Fund and Alexey Fenenko – about “The 300th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia” on Mediametrics Radio
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11 April 2017
Shanghai Youth Week will take place in Moscow with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
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03 March 2016
Young scientists will propose options for SCO development at a conference held at the Moscow State University
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20 March 2015
Students of Moscow State University were told about activities of the Gorchakov Fund