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27 September 2019
The Gorchakov Fund and the European Foundation Titulescu organized a bilateral conference in Bucharest
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12 April 2019
“State and Church in Russian-Romanian Traditions”. An international conference is taking place at the Gorchakov Fund
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21 February 2019
The first meeting of the Russian-Romanian Commission took place at the Diplomatic Academy
14 November 2018
Florin Luca: Titulescu’s Lessons
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23 October 2018
Leonid Drachevsky: the world has lost its “self-preservation instinct”
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22 October 2018
140 years of diplomatic relations: A joint conference of Russia and Romania will take place in Bucharest
23 March 2018
Florin Luca: Opinions about good neighborly relations between Romania and Russia
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16 March 2018
The Russian-Romanian conference at the Gorchakov Fund. Opinions and comments
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15 March 2018
The Gorchakov Fund and the Titulescu Foundation will organize a Russian-Romanian conference in Moscow
17 July 2017
The Russkiy Mir Foundation organized an anniversary festival of Russian poetry in Romania
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13 April 2017
The Gorchakov Fund sponsored participation of a Russian scientist in an international conference on European security held in Bucharest
10 February 2017
Experts on events in Romania: Discontent was waiting for a reason
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03 June 2016
A festival of Russian poetry will be held in Romania
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03 July 2015
Romania unexpectedly called for detente in relations with Russia