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28 November 2019
Logistical projects of the Arctic countries will be discussed in St. Petersburg
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18 June 2019
A meeting of experts from Russia and Georgia is taking place in St. Petersburg
26 January 2019
Institute “Dialogue of Civilizations” announced an essay contest about the world in 2030
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05 March 2018
An article about Gorchakov was recognized as the second best at the contest of student papers “Petersburgers in the National Diplomacy”
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28 August 2017
An expert of the Gorchakov Fund presented at the discussion during Europe Day in St. Petersburg
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05 December 2016
The Gorchakov Fund will participate in the St. Petersburg International Youth Forum 4.0
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25 July 2016
The Gorchakov Fund has participated in the international forum “Political Marketing in a Changing World”
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04 May 2016
Professor of St. Petersburg University Stanislav Tkachenko delivered a lecture on public diplomacy to Estonian students
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07 December 2015
Forum “The Arctic: the present and the future” will open in St. Petersburg
30 November 2015
The International Youth Forum “Eurasian School” will be held in St. Petersburg
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28 September 2015
The Arctic: cooperation instead of confrontation
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04 September 2015
The Gorchakov Fund and St. Petersburg State University will hold the roundtable “International Dialogue in the Arсtic”
12 May 2015
Memory is more durable than ideology
26 March 2015
Coordinator of cooperation between Germany and Russia told about the reform of “St. Petersburg Dialogue”