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06 October 2017
International Youth School “Belgorod-2017” is opening on October 8 with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
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05 April 2017
“The Arctic – a Territory of Dialogue”. Opportunities for cross-border cooperation
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06 November 2015
Max Kaur: The Baltic States should raise a question about visa-free space between the EU and Russia
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15 October 2015
Russia took chairmanship in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council
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14 October 2015
The summit of regional administrations of the countries of Northeast Asia will be held in Irkutsk
08 October 2015
A diplomat: Russia and the US should actively develop interregional connections
07 October 2015
The Forum of Young Leaders “Intermunicipal Cooperation: New Horizons” took place in Belgorod
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30 September 2015
The forum, which serves strengthening of interregional relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, was opened
10 September 2015
The Arctic Circle is cultivating contacts with Norway within the framework "people-to-people"
09 September 2015
Karelia for the first time will host the Russia-Finnish Cultural Forum
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04 September 2015
Russia and China signed a memorandum on cross-border cooperation
03 September 2015
The forum “New models of cross-border and interregional cooperation in development of the regions of Russia” took place in Belgorod
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05 August 2015
Russia and Norway are correcting borders of the first time in almost 70 years