The XVII Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts: Deadline for applications has been extended

In response to a large number of requests, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund extends its deadline for accepting applications for the XVII Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts, which for the second time will take place in a hybrid format: in Yekaterinburg and online on Zoom.

The participants of the projects will meet with top scholars in the field of foreign affairs, prominent political scientists, politicians, historians and representatives of non-governmental organizations. They will attend master classes and take part in group work. 

The following experts have already confirmed their attendance:

  • Daria Zinkovskaya, Director of the Institute of Social and Creative Development ISKRA, Head of the International Union of Public Speakers;

  • Ivan Zuyenko, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Euroasian Studies of the Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University;

  • Dr. Vasily Kuznetsov, Head of the Center for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies RAS;

  • Grigoriy Lukyanov, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, HSE University;

  • Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director at the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, HSE University;

  • Leonid Tsukanov, political constant, Chairman of the Bard of Trustees of the Ural Association of Young Middle-East Experts.

The attendees will have an opportunity to see tourist attractions of the capital of the Urals.

Dates of the event: October 31 – November 4, 2021.  

Place of the event: Yekaterinburg, online on Zoom.

The XVII Diplomatic Seminar will focus on the issues of international security in global and regional dimensions. 

Discussions during the Diplomatic Seminar will be organized in thematic blocks:

  • problems of international security;

  • transformation of the system of international relations;

  • the future of security in Eurasia after withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Afghanistan;

  • post-Soviet space and Eurasian integration;

  • major disagreements in the Middle East;

  • the Asia-Pacific region: issues of the regional policy and security.

Who can attend?

  • students and postgraduates specializing in international relations, journalism, economics, political science and law;

  • representatives of NGOs, student unions and youth movements;

  • young scientists and historians from different regions of Russia, the CIS States, Europe, and Asia (young experts from other continents may also apply);

  • international journalists working in the field of foreign policy positioning.

 Age of participants: 18-30.

A group of participants will be formed based on results of an open competition.

How to apply?'

In order to participate in the contest, please to fill out an application of the Gorchakov Fund

Please attach an essay on one of the topics of the Diplomatic Seminar (see above). The size of the essay should not exceed 5 000 characters.

The organizers will cover travel expenses to/from Yekaterinburg to authors of the best essays.

Deadline for applications: October 3, 2021 at 11:59 pm.

Language of the event: Russian. 

All applicants will be notified about results of the competition by email.