“Northeast Asia: Is It on Shaky Ground?” An online discussion at the Gorchakov Fund

22 April 2020

On April 24, the Gorchakov Fund will organize online discussion “Northeast Asia: Is It on Shaky Ground?”.

The conversation will focus on the current events in the countries of the region. We would like to discuss what is happening in China today and its neighbours not only in the from the perspective of the coronavirus ruling in the media space.

Participants of the discussion will include: Director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific Region, Head of Academic Unit of the Confucius Institute at Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University Sergey Kukharenko; Senior Researcher at the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok) Ivan Zuenko; and Senior Researcher of the Center for Korean Studies at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies RAS (Moscow) Konstantin Asmolov.

The discussion will begin at 1:00pm Moscow time on Friday via Zoom. In order to participate, please, do the following:

  1. download Zoom on your phone/iPad/computer;

  2. register on Zoom (this step is required to attend the video conference);

  3. register for the discussion by completing a registration form on TimePad (the link is below);

  4. check settings of your camera and microphone for full-format participation in the event.

Before the beginning of the discussion each participant will receive an invitation to attend with a link to access the conference. In order to join the discussion, you can also use an ID number of the conference – a 10-digit number.

The discussion will be organized in a free format.

Duration of the event – up to 2 hours.

Working language of the event is Russian (without interpretation).

Registration is required and available here