A conference on the future of the international security system has opened in Moscow

11 December 2019

On December 11, workshop “The Future of the System of International Security. With or without NATO?”, organized by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Diplomatic Academy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, has opened in Moscow.

Young researchers – winners of the contest of essays on the future of the security system – have become participants of the workshop.

The attendees were welcomed by Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Roman Grishenin. He said that the topic of the contest was very important as the world was expecting some serious changes. Transformations on the planet are happening extremely fast. This being said, views of the young scientists are still not pessimistic as it is often the case with mature researchers.

Vice-Rector of Research at the Diplomatic Academy Professor Oleg Ivanov acknowledged that at present the center of global politics was located in the Asia-Pacific region, and the significance of Europe was diminishing. However, it does not mean that Europe is becoming less important. According to the speaker, it is not our fault that relations between Russia and NATO are almost non-existent. However, it is crucial to build those relations in order to provide security in Europe, in order not to go back to the cold war level. Oleg Ivanov emphasized that the factor of trust was significant in politics. He believes that relations should be built with consideration of new threats.

Director of the Department of European Cooperation of the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Russia Nikolay Kobrinets stated that presently the main sense of NATO’s existence was to find a common enemy, to close their ranks. Moscow has to take into account that approach. However, if we look at the NATO’s military budget and compare it with the budget of Russia, it is funny that we are the ones reproached for aggressiveness. According to the diplomat, Europe is one whole continent and it is better make agreements on how to live there together. It is obvious that this process will take time.

The attendees of the conference will continue working for another two days and discuss presentations made by young participants and prominent experts.

The conference will end with an official award ceremony.