A delegation of experts from the Gorchakov Fund discussed current state of Russian-Spanish relations

01 February 2019

On January 30, 2019 a workshop dedicated to the current stage of relations between Russia and the European Union took place at prestigious International Affairs and Foreign Policy Institute of (INCIPE) in Madrid (Spain), headed by well-known politician, Secretary General of the Spain-Russia Foundation Vincente Garrido. Experts of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund from Russia, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, the diplomatic corps, local academic and political communities participated in the event.

Ambassador of Russia Yuri Korchagin opened the workshop and made a presentation on “Russian-Spanish Relations in the European Context” and shared a Russia’s vision of current processes in the present multipolar world order with the attendees as well as assessments of the state of bilateral contacts and plans for their further development. Spain’s Ambassador to Russia Fernando Valderrama, who addressed the audience after Mr. Korchagin, paid special attention to a cultural and humanitarian aspect of cooperation between our countries, which had always been positively influencing Russian-Spanish relations.

During the workshop an interesting and constructive discussion took place among the experts: Professor of the Department of Diplomacy at MGIMO (U) of Russia, Ambassador Yevgeny Astakhov, Director of MGIMO’s Institute of International Studies Alexander Orlov, Associate Professors at the Department of Diplomacy of MGIMO Ivan Popov, Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid Rafael Calduch, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain coordinating issues of economic and disarmament cooperation F. Aguilera and I. Cartakhena, and Spanish political scientists. A dynamic and professional exchange of opinions has demonstrated again importance of the dialogue between Russian and Spain – a key country of the European Union – for development of common answers to modern challenges.

Exerts of the Russian Fund also presented at the Complutense University and several other think tanks of Madrid.