A lecture by well-known Russian Turkologist Pavel Shlykov will be organized at the Gorchakov Fund. Registration is open!

23 March 2018

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and Research Institute “Dialogue of Civilizations” invite you to attend a lecture by well-known Russian Turkologist and Orientalist Pavel Shlykov dedicated to “Turkey in the Near East: Outlines of Political Expansion”, which will take place in Moscow on March 28.

During most of the 20th century Turkey adhered to a concept of cautious noninterference in the Near Eastern affairs. However, the events of the 2010s demonstrated renunciation of that strategy: Syria, Iran, Iraq and other key countries of the region find themselves inorbed into priority areas of the foreign policy of Ankara.

A military operation of the Turkish army in northern Syria, which was launched in January of 2018 and was in the public spotlight, is, in fact, a strategy of building up military and political presence in the region, which after the blockade of Qatar in June of 2017 has reached a game changing scale.

Military invasion of Iraq (2008, 2015) and Syria (2016, 2017 and 2018), large-scale projects of building military bases in the Persian Gulf and in Africa and, finally, militarization of the Turkish policy – all of that poses a number of questions about the future of Ankara as a powerful player in the Middle East as well as about political prospects of Erdogan himself.

In the early 2000s Erdogan came to power under the slogans of creating “New Turkey” – a democratic country with freedom of religion, fast-growing economy, political resolution of the “Kurdish problem” and inevitable membership in the EU. Now, hard times have come for Turkey – a dangerous combination of deepening political polarization, decrease in the rates of economic growth and escalation of tensions both inside the countries and along the perimeter of its borders, an unprecedented level of tensions in relations with the West.

Where is Erdogan taking his country? What is the price of the conflict between pragmatic interests and foreign policy dignity? Where do regional interests of Ankara extend?

Main aspects of the Near Eastern policy of Turkey from the perspective of the dynamically changing national political situation and potential scenarios of development of relations with the West and Russia will be analyzed during the discussion.

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Pavel Shlykov – Turkologist, expert of Research Institute “Dialogue of Civilizations”, PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of History of Near and Middle East, Institute of Asian and African Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University. 

The event is open to public.

Registration is required!

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Venue: The Gorchakov Fund (101 Yakovoapostolsky pereulok, Moscow)

Beginning is at 6:00 pm Moscow time (registration begins at 5:30 pm Moscow time)

Working language – Russian (no interpretation will be provided).