A meeting of experts from Russia and Georgia is taking place in St. Petersburg

18 June 2019

The Russian-Georgian Dialogue of the Gorchakov Fund has opened in St. Petersburg. Experts from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi are attending the event.

During the first day of the meeting the participants discussed major issues of bilateral cooperation in the areas of culture, science and education. It was generally agreed by the experts that presently the role of public diplomacy had become prevailing in Russian-Georgian relations.

“The breakup of the Soviet Union had brought us into a dark room where we had to search for a way out. Both, Georgia and Russia, had to find their new role in the global space. One should not forget that culture, above all, is a product of intellectual work”, stated Professor of the School of Law, Diplomacy and Social Sciences of Georgian American University Georgy Gobronidze during his presentation.

Development of bilateral student exchanges, youth initiatives and programs plays a significant role in current relations between the two countries. Expansion of diaspora activities is also an important aspect of the relations.

“It is vital that the Georgians of St. Petersburg carefully preserve traditions and pass on their unique world heritage as well as actively engage in the life of the city. The Georgian national and cultural autonomy of the city and all residents of St. Petersburg of the Georgian descent make a significant contribution into the cultural exchange between our countries”, said Director of House of Nationalities Elena Kuznetsova.

The Russian-Georgian Dialogue will be taking place until June 20. The second working day will be dedicated to the issues of economic cooperation between the countries: is matching of economic interests of Georgia and Russia a possibility? What are the prospects of integration processes in the South Caucasus? What are trends of relations development with the neighbouring countries?

Main conclusions of the expert meeting will be included into a summary resolution.