A meeting of friends. Day 1.

19 November 2015

The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends is taking place these days at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.


The friends have a lot to tell each other about achievements of the past year as numerous events, including expert meetings and scientific conferences, were held in different parts of the planet fr om Belgrade to Vladivostok. There was not enough time to make all the presentations and hold a parade of achievements.


The program of the first day began with a presentation of activities of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, its educational and scientific projects, and a series of meetings with respected guests of the Club. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia on the issues of counterterrorism Oleg Syromolotov was the first to answer the questions.


No doubt that dramatic events of the last weeks – an explosion of the Russian airplane, terrorist attacks in Paris and military operations in Syria – were in the center of attention.


“On September 28, the President of Russia made an announcement from the UN platform about an agreement achieved on the UN resolution in favor of coordination of all the forces, which were confronting the Islamic State. It is crucially important that such coordination is based on the decisions made by the UN Security Council and is implemented in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations”, TASS quotes Oleg Syromolotov.


The deputy minister reminded that the collation, created by the U.S., was illegitimate as it had never been approved by a resolution of the Security Council. “In order to establish a coalition, which would operate within the framework of the international law, it should be supported by the related resolution of the UN Security Council, he stressed. It is necessary to unite efforts of those, who are capable of making a contribution into the fight against terrorism – air forces of Iraq and Syria, Kurdish militia, military groups of the patriotic Syrian opposition – all those, who are confronting ISIS and also involve external players, who one way or another support anti-terrorist actions in the region”.


The friends of the Gorchakov Club would not let go Alexander Karelin, a famous Olympian and a deputy of the State Duma. The conversation turned out to be open and focused on what formed the character, how to find one’s place in life and how to learn to win regardless of whether we speak about great athletic achievements or daily routine.


Director for Strategy of the Publishing House Kommersant and member of the Management Board of the Gorchakov Fund Victor Loshak talked about the problems confronting mass media today, about journalist ethics and about how to become a wordsmith. Mr. Loshak remembered funny situations, which had happened in the newspapers.


The first day of the meeting was finished by a duel “What? Wh ere? When?”. The team of Ayk Khalatyan – a winner of the intellectual tournament two years ago – was challenged by newcomers, headed by Batyr Mamedov. The debutants were winning, and then their opponents shortened the difference in score to a minimum, but were not able to take the tension and gave a wrong answer in the final round.


As a result, the team of Batyr Mamedov will hold the title of the best experts. Yevgeniya Vavilova from Lipetsk was recognized as the best player. Next year she will be able to participate in any of the programs of the Gorchakov Fund without taking part in a competitive selection. Congratulations!

Photo – by Mariam Ovsepyan