A memorial plate, dedicated to Gorchakov, was opened in Estonian Haapsalu

18 June 2018

Authorities of the town of Haapsalu and officials from the Russian embassy organized a joint celebration dedicated to the 220th anniversary of great Russian diplomat Alexander Gorchakov.

Denis Pastukhov writes about that for Sputnik Eesti:

“An official event in the town of Haapsalu, where the future head of the Russian foreign policy agency under Alexander II, the last chancellor of the Russian Empire – Alexander Gorchakov – was born, took place on Friday, June 15. Mayor of Haapsalu Urmas Sukles, Russian diplomats, members of the Pushkin Society in Estonia and members of the Veterans’ Committee of Haapsalu attended the event.

The highlight of the event was opening of a renewed memorial plate dedicated to Gorchakov. “Before that, the memorial plate was extremely plain. Now it is a completely different one – with a bas-relief, in granite”, mentioned Counsellor of the Embassy of Russia in Estonia Dmitry Litskay to Sputnik Eesti.

Head of the town of Haapsalu Urmas Sukles, when opening the memorial plate, stated that Haapsalu was very proud of its ties with Russia in the past and in the present – the town had hosted Tchaikovsky, Roerich and Gorchakov and also had a castle visited by Russian emperors; and two weeks later Russian musicians would perform there during the Tchaikovsky Festival organized in cooperation with St. Petersburg

Ambassador of Russia Alexander Petrov mentioned in his comments to Sputnik Eesti that he was proud for his Russian compatriot, an outstanding representative of the Russian diplomacy: “It is hard to imagine how it was to be a minister of foreign affairs for 26 years during very difficult times – after the Treaty of Paris and the defeat of Russia in the Crimean War – to fight for cancelation of unfair terms and remain successful by promoting strengthening of international authority of Russia and providing external security in order to implement internal reforms in the country”.

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