A partner of the Gorchakov Fund became a coordinator of Totalny Diktant in Philadelphia

11 April 2017

The United States has become a leader among foreign countries in the number of cities, which participated in Totalny Diktant. According to information provided by representative of the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of the USA (KSORS) and President of the Youth Russian Society Igor Kochan to a TASS correspondent, on Saturday Totalny Diktant was written in 19 U.S. cities.


Those cities included New York and Stony Brook (New York), Bloomington (Indiana), Boston and Lexington (Massachusetts), Denver (Colorado), Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose (California), Miami (Florida), Seattle (Washington), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Fairbanks (Alaska), Herndon (Virginia), Hillsboro (Oregon), Batavia, Chicago and Urbana-Champaign (Illinois), and Washington, DC.


Partner of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, member of Russian-Speaking Professionals Network (RSPN) and consultant in the energy industry Natalia Sidorovskaya became a coordinator of Totalny Diktant in Philadelphia, PA.


“We will definitely organize the event again next year”, she mentioned in an interview to press service of the Gorchakov Fund.


According to Natalia Sidorovskaya, winners of Totalny Diktant in Philadelphia will receive prizes: books by linguist V. Plungyan “Why languages are so different?” and presents from a local book store.


Based on information provided by TASS, residents of the state of New York demonstrated the highest level of interest in an opportunity to check their knowledge of Russian. To a great extent, it is due to the fact that the dictation was one of the events of the Month of Russian-U.S. History in the state, which is currently taking place there. This year, Totalny Diktant was written by over 100 New Yorkers - this number has surpassed attendance in previous years by more than twice.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here