A partner of the Gorchakov Fund received “The Silver Archer – USA” award

10 March 2017

On March 10, an award ceremony of authors of the best projects of a contest “The Silver Archer – USA” will take place at the Russian Consulate General in New York.


According to TASS, the contest has been held in the United States since 2011. Communications programs of experts fr om Russia and the U.S. aiming at development of intergovernmental, cultural and business relations are considered.


Based on results of voting by the experts, six projects were listed as finalists. One of them was Youth Forum dedicated to preservation of historic roots and consolidation of Russian-US leaders in the U.S.


The event was organized by Russian Center New York (President - Elena Branson), a partner of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.


According to information provided by TASS, the forum was held for Russian-speaking youth, ages 18-35, in Russian. Students and youth organizations from 20 states of the U.S. came to discuss development of international cooperation between the U.S. and Russia, promoting participation of Russian Americans in the public and political life of the country, problems of establishing self-identity, and engagement in volunteerism.


The first part of the forum was dedicated to preservation of historic heritage and Russian traditions, wh ere representatives of Russian immigration of the first half of the last century, clergy and creative intellectuals shared their experience.


During the second part, issues related to strengthening relations with Russia, consolidation of Russian-U.S. youth in America, and promoting participation of young Russian Americans in the public life of the U.S. were discussed. Special attention was given to expansion of initiatives of the Russian diaspora to protect their ethnic Motherland. Within the framework of the forum, a contest of presentations of projects by U.S. youth and a presentation of the World Festival of Youth and Students 2017 were held.


The forum was of great importance to young compatriots, who came to attend it from all over the United States. It promoted popularization of Russian culture and development of ties among young compatriots in New York, specifies the source.


“The Silver Archer – USA” award was established by the Board of Trustees of the National Award in the field of public relations “The Silver Archer” within a nomination “Communications in Global World” and is an independent contest targeting projects implemented on the territory of the U.S. The goal of the contest “The Silver Archer – USA” is to involve authors of projects, which promote development of intergovernmental, cultural, economic, and public relations and aim at integrating Russia into the global communications space. A list of nominations is determined annually. The winners received a figurine of original design “The Silver Archer” and a diploma. Authors of the best projects are awarded with diplomas.

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