A presentation of an Italian edition of the book by Yevgeny Primakov took place at the Embassy of Italy

27 November 2018

A presentation of the book by Yevgeny Primakov “World without Russia? What political myopia results in” took place in the Moscow’s Berg Villa, a current location of the Embassy of Italy in Russia. This edition had been translated into Italian at the initiative of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Institute for Eurasian Studies (SIOI).

Attendees of the event were welcomed by Ambassador of Italy in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano. He mentioned that research conducted by Yevgeny Primakov “made a significant contribution and provided fundamental support to understanding of complex events in the modern history of Russia”.

Franco Frattini, President of the Institute for Eurasian Studies, in his turn, stated that the published book was not just about history, but actual events. It was a textbook, which could be used nowadays.

According to Franco Frattini, Yevgeny Primakov was the first to raise the Kurdish issue, much earlier than anybody else.

Advisor to the Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Anatoly Orel emphasized that the story of the monopolar world had ended and new times were coming.

“Turning of the airplane over the Atlantic, which was done by Primakov, demonstrated strengthening of the role and the authority of Russia”, said Mr. Orel.

Member of the Directorate of the Primakov IMEMO, army general, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Trubnikov agreed with Franco Frattini by calling the new book not the past, but the present and the future.

“Yevgeny Primakov is trying to send a message to his readers that the world has stopped being monopolar, one-sided and short-sighted. He was a prophet, whose message was reaching not only the minds, but the hearts”, said Mr. Trubnikov.