A presentation of the book “A voice of Trans-Dniester. Echo of a great country” was held at the Gorchakov Fund

22 April 2016

On April 21, a presentation of the book written by senior research fellow of the Center for Political Sciences and International Relations of the Institute of European Integration and Political Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends Nikolya Tsvyatkov was held at the Gorchakov Fund.


The author had an opportunity to discuss issues related to the life of the region and ways of resolving the Moldavian and Trans-Dniester conflict with exerts, political scientists, students and young scientists. Representatives of the Moscow State University, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Diplomatic Academy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the National Research University Higher School of Economics, MGIMO, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, the Russian International Affairs Council, the CIS States Institute and other organizations participated in the meeting.


During his presentation, NikolayTsvyatkov described socioeconomic aspects of the life in Trans-Dniester, specifics of the civil culture, and major macroeconomic indicators of Moldova and Trans-Dniester. According to the attendees, such work could be characterizes “unique”, and the format of the presentations at the Gorchakov Fund as definitely interesting. The participants stated that there was still shortage of information about the republic abroad, which prevented from creating an objective opinion about the people of Trans-Dniester.


The most burning issues covered during the discussion included work of Russian and Moldavian mass media and images of our countries formed by them; harmonization of Trans-Dniester legislation; a foreign policy strategy of Russia in that region; the Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU as well as issues of teaching the Moldavian language at schools.


It should be mentioned that earlier the book had been presented in Madrid, Kishinev and Tiraspol.

An electronic version of the book can be downloaded here.