A presentation of the book by Nikolay Tsvyatkov about Trans-Dniester will be held at the Gorchakov Fund

19 April 2016

In April 21, a presentation of the book “A voice of Trans-Dniester. Echo of a great country” will be held at the Gorchakov Fund by senior research fellow of the Center for Political Sciences and International Relations of the Institute of European Integration and Political Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends Nikolya Tsvyatkov.


Leading experts and political scientists, studying problems of the Moldavian and Trans-Dniester conflict, publicists as well as young professionals and students, interested in that topic, are invited to participate. In order to register, please send an application form before 4:00 pm Moscow time on April 20 to corporateveil2016@mail.ru


The presentation will be held at the Gorchakov Fund (10/1 Yakovoapostolsky pereulok, Moscow, metro station “Kurskaya”). Beginning is at 3:30 pm Moscow time.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here