A presentation of an Italian edition of the book by Yevgeny Primakov took place in Genoa

08 November 2018

On November 7, a presentation of the book by Yevgeny Primakov “World without Russia? Consequences of political myopia” took place at the University of Genoa. The meeting had been organized by member of the Gorchakov Club, Executive Director of the Institute of Eurasian Studies Andrea Gianotti. Professors Lara Picaro and Mara Morini as well as over 50 students and researchers of the university participated in the event.

The book includes an objective analysis of the place and the role of Russia in the modern world. The internal course, which Russia followed in the 21st century, with all its complications and individual mistakes, has been contributing to its high pace in the global economy and international relations. The main idea of the book is to explain existence of broad fields of objectively coinciding interests in the emerging multipolar world.