A quiz in Russian history was organized in Uganda with the support of the Gorchakov Fund

24 December 2019

New Year’s history quiz “Russia in Our Hearts” was held on December 20 in Kampala – the heart of Uganda. Organizers of the event are the Representative Office in Africa of the project of Youth International Portal “Kalinka” implemented by  International Center “Falcogroup” in partnership with local youth communities. The event took pace with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund.

Participants of the history quiz from Uganda were offered to answer twenty questions about important events in the history of Russia from the Middle Ages to modern times. It turned out that there were many volunteers and the test had to be divided into two stages. Music videos about the Russian culture and traditions were shown to the guests during the breaks at the event.

“The geography of our project already covers over a hundred countries, which is a big achievement for all of us. Development of humanitarian cooperation, in particular with developing countries, is one of the major areas of our work. We hope that the today’s event will raise interest to the Russian culture among the African youth and will promote future joint projects”, commented Head of the Kalinka Project Vlad Chevachin.

According to the participants of the history quiz, Russia plays an important role in the economic life of their country. Thanks to efficient work of the Embassy of Russia in Uganda, which also provided media support to the event, cooperation between our countries has been rapidly developing.

Representatives of the International Unit of the Resource Support Center to the Civil Society of Kuban (grant project # 19-2-000921 of the Presidential Grants Foundation), which provides a platform for implementation of the project of Youth International Portal “Kalinika”, mentioned that expansion of the geography of such projects would positively impact development of public diplomacy and advancement of the Russian culture abroad.