A Russian-Swiss dialogue was held in Zurich with the support of the Gorchakov Fund

19 April 2019

On April 15, a Russian-Swiss dialogue took place as part of the project “Matioshka Dialogue – Discovering the Sense of Things” in Zurich. Ambassador of Switzerland to Russia Yves Rossier was invited as the main guest of the event. The project had participated in the competition for financial support and had received a grant from the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

Over 100 people, who recognize the need to develop relations between our countries, including entrepreneurs, compatriots, and those, who implement different cultural and educational programs in Russia, signed up for the lecture and the meeting with the ambassador. Topics in history, politics and economy, which are important for Swiss- and EU-Russian relations, were raised.

An interview with the ambassador was held in the form of a discussion moderated by well-known journalist, freelance correspondent of Die Weltwoche (a Swiss weekly magazine) and author of books about Russia Wolfgang Koydl. Ives Rossier told about his career and his views on the future of the bilateral relations. According to him, the most developed “front line” in our cooperation was investment projects, where the Swiss share was larger. However, in reality, the relations got “stuck” on the present level due to a number of political reasons associated with Russian-EU disagreements in general.

This being said, despite the obvious reasons, the meeting itself confirms interest and the desire of people to communicate and establish connections and the wish not to just remain on the area of business interests, but also to have a cultural dialogue. Ives Rossier mentioned in his speech that he enjoyed working in Russia because it was pleasant to deal with the Russians: they were straightforward and ready for an open dialogue.

In the future, series of lectures “Matrioshka Dialog” will continue. The second meeting will take place on May 22 with Mikhail Shishkin and Fritz Pleitgen, and on June 28 – with Yevgeny Kaspersky. Participants can register here