About historical memory at the foot of Mount Elbrus. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2019 ended in Nalchik

26 September 2019

The Caucasus Dialogue – 2019, one of the major annual programs of the Gorchakov Fund, has ended. Discussions about the place of the Caucasus region in the system of international relations and problems and prospects of each Caucasus country ended with a tour of Prielbrysye National Park.

The participants climbed 350 meters to enjoy covered with snow Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and visited Dolina Narzanov. The working program of the Caucasus Dialogue continued at the premises of Kabardino-Balkarian University in Prielbrusye and the final discussion was dedicated to characteristics of the media space in the Caucasus and the place of historical memory in modern mass media.

After the award ceremony, during which the attendees received their certificates, the last evening of the Caucasus Dialogue continued with an introduction to the national traditions, dancing and music of Kabardino-Balkaria.

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