About the prospects of ethno-business in Russia: a bilateral youth forum was organized in Antalya

06 November 2019

On November 6, Russian-Turkish Youth Forum “Diplomacy and Ethno-Business” was organized in Antalya (Turkey) by the Culture of Nations Foundation. The event had received a grant from the Gorchakov Fund. The main topic of the Forum was development of international communications between the youth of the two countries through diplomatic relations and ethno-business.

Participants of the event were welcomed by Natalia Dolgareva, President of the Culture of Nations Foundation and member of the Expert Council of the Committee for National Policy of the State Duma of Russia; Oleg Rogoza, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Antalya; Hakan Tutuncu, Head of the Kepez District; Vitaly Solonetsky, Head of the Administration Board of Rossotrudnichestvo; Victoria Karsliyeva, Director of Grant Programs of the Gorchakov Fund; and Barhan Kylych, Head of Administration of the Parliament of Antalya. The organizers and partners emphasized a new wave of interaction and cooperation between Russia and Turkey, which had been initiated by the leaders of our countries.

The official opening ceremony ended with a welcome message in Russian from a student of Istanbul University and in Turkish from a student of MGIMO – as a symbol of bilateral cooperation between the youth.

During the panel discussion “Politics and Economics in Russian-Turkish Relations” Vladimir Avatkov, senior researcher at IMEMO RAS, Executive Director of the Center for Oriental Studies, International Relations and Public Diplomacy, spoke about the process of strengthen the Russian-Turkish relations despite the fact that Turkey is a member of NATO. “First of all, cooperation is taking place in the economic field; however, due to the events in Syria and tragic incidents, there was a gradual shift of cooperation into the area of security. From this perspective, Russia is focusing on cooperation in the humanitarian field, which is the future of the Russian-Turkish relations”, believes the expert.

According to Associate Professor of the Department of Economics at MGIMO Nigyar Masumova, the analysis of bilateral economic relations cannot be done without taking into consideration regional cooperation. “Trade relations between Russia and Turkey lack diversification, that is why it is necessary to find ways out of the current situation, – added Nigyar Masumova. – One of the options can be using potential of the Russian regions to establish ties and improve quality of the export pattern to Turkey.”

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