Alexander Gorchakov was born 220 years ago

15 June 2018

Exactly 220 years ago on this day in the Estonian town, which was then called Gapsal, a person, whose classmate Alexander Pushkin would later dedicated his poetic lines to, was born.

We are used to say about the famous Russian poet: “Pushkin is our everything!” When making a comparison with the great poet, we can say about his lyceum friend, an outstanding Russian politician: “For public diplomats, Gorchakov is our everything!”

Today, we would have called Alexander Gorchakov a young foreign affairs expert as he started his brilliant career at 22 while attached to the head of the foreign service of Russia of that time Karl Nesselrod. Already at 24 Gorchakov was appointed to our embassy in London. Who else, if not him, can serve as an example for participants of research and educational programs of the Fund, which bears the name of the famous chancellor!