An academic discussion about Russian-British relations took place in London with the support of the Gorchakov Fund

19 February 2018

A discussion dedicate to the topic of “Russian-British Relations: Ways of Breaking the Deadlock” was held at London’s East India Club. The event had been organized by Information Society Development Fund as part of the project “Russian Alliance”, which unites Russian-speaking British student community.

Expert of the Gorchakov Fund, Director of the Institute of Europe RAS Alexey Gromyko presented an extensive overview of the history of Russian-British relations stressing certain civilizational similarity between the two countries and mentioned that the exit of the UK from the European Union provides new opportunities for cooperation.

Former British Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change Charles Hendry, who is currently heading Advisory Council of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, told about prospects for bilateral relations and underlined that in 2017 the goods exchange between the two countries had increased by 30%.

Dr. Peter Duncan, who teaches Russian politics and international relations at University College of London, spoke about existing political problems between Russia and Great Britain and the ways to solve them.

In the end, Alina Bezuglova, a founder of the project “Rutech Ventures”, aimed at promoting Russian high-tech companies aboard, covered that part of the bilateral cooperation.