An award ceremony of the “East-West. Golden Arch” film award will take place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund in April

04 February 2019

The International Film Award “East-West. Golden Arch” will be awarded for the second time in 2019.

Susanna Alperina writes about that for Rossiyskaya Gazeta:

“On February 1, a press conference dedicated to the award took place at the Confederation of Filmmakers Unions. The press conference was attended by Chairman of the Executive Board of the award, writer, screenwriter and film director Rustam Ibragimbekov and Deputy Art Director of the award Konstantin Shavlovsky. The date and the place of the award ceremony were announced: it will take place April 14, 2019 at Et Cetera theater.

Rustam Ibragimbekov noted that the special pride of the film award was a representative and authoritative jury, which consisted of 23 top film critics from 14 countries. Details of the jury can be found here. The main part of the press conference was announcement of a long list of nominees for the film award, which included 37 films”.

​The International Film Award “East-West. Golden Arch” is an award given to the best films made in the countries of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The goal of the award is to encourage and promote Eurasian discoveries in the film industry and to draw attention to  compelling local artistic processes, which are overshadowed by more commercial, predominantly English-language cinema. The purpose of the award is to amplify every distinct and authentic voice coming from that territory.

Source – Rossiyskaya Gazeta