An international forum on the issues of national security will be held in Yerevan with support of the Gorchakov Fund

15 September 2016

On November 3-5, the II International Conference and Workshop “Issues of National Security on the Background of Globalization and Integration Processes (Interdisciplinary Aspects)” will take place in Yerevan. The event is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Armenia and the 20th anniversary of Russian-Armenian University.


The forum will be held with support of Siberian Federal University and Rostov State University of Economics, according to organizers.


The format includes a traditional conference on the issues of security and identity, roundtables, master classes and meetings of an expert club on the topic of Armenian-Russian relations.


Several panel sessions have been scheduled:


1. Problems of national security


  • Theoretical and methodological aspects of research in the field of national security
  • Military and political aspects of national security
  • Sociopolitical aspects of national security and identity
  • Issues of global and regional security
  • Eurasian integration in the context of national security
  • Socioeconomic aspects of national security
  • Problems of energy security
  • Problems of spiritual and cultural security
  • Psychological aspects of national security
  • A factor of a diaspora in the issues of national security, identity and public diplomacy
  • Ecological and technological security in the context of national security

2. Problems of national Identity


  • Realization and development of identity as a condition for progressive development of a society and a state
  • Correlation between national (ethnic) and civil identities
  • Phenomena of multidentity and later development of identity
  • Identity in the era of globalization in the context of national security
  • Correlation between national and confessional identity
  • Preservation and transformation of common Armenian identity under current conditions
  • National identity and strategic culture in the context of national security

3. Public diplomacy and strategic culture


  • Public diplomacy as an instrument of providing national security
  • A factor of a diaspora in the studies of public diplomacy issues
  • Culture as a resource of international interaction

4. Legal aspects of national security


  • Public and legal means of providing national security and realizing rights of citizens
  • Development of institutes of private law as a factor of stable development of a state
  • The role of law-enforcement agencies in the field of providing national security
  • Constitutional framework of national security
  • Legal framework for providing individual security under the conditions of globalization

Prospects and weaknesses of public diplomacy in Armenia, correlation between national (ethnic), civil and confessional identities (modern realities of the Armenian diaspora) as all as current geopolitical shifts and threats to national security will be discussed at the roundtable.


Meetings of expert club “Russia-Armenia” and master classes have also been scheduled.

In order to participate, applicants should send academic papers prepared in accordance with the Rules of Formatting conference materials by October 1 at 


Reports, selected during the contest, will be published in a book of reports before the beginning of the forum.

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