An opening night of “Russians and Georgians” took place at the Russian-Georgian Center in Tbilisi

19 December 2016

An opening night of a documentary “Russians and Georgians” in Tbilisi, made with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, was held at the Primakov Russian-Georgian Public Center and Griboedov Russian State Drama Theater.

Press Secretary of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Maria Mokhovikova informed press service of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund about that event.


During the presentations, guests were able not only to watch the documentary, but to meet the characters, who had been involved in the film, to ask questions to a director of the film – a well-known Russian historian and political scientist Yevgeny Kozhokin.


Young people, who learn Russian, were watching the film at the public center. Many of them, who had just started learning the language and had never been to Russia, were learning something absolutely new for themselves.


A meeting in the Small Hall of the theater gathered together natives of Tbilisi – those, for whom a discussion of ideas, brought by the film, including preservation of cultural ties and development of further relations – is a part of their families, part of their present life.


The documentary was made in 2016 by the Guild of Screenwriters of Russia with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and MGIMO, but also to a great extent with the support of Georgian figures of culture, historians and teachers.


The documentary tells about a life of Russians in Georgia and Georgians in Russia, about similarities and differences in mentality of the two nations. Characters, which form mirror pairs tell their stories on camera: a Russian artist in Georgia and a Georgian artist in Russia, two designers working in the neighboring countries, a teacher of the Russian language in Tbilisi (course instructor at the Russian-Georgian Public Center Olga Bit-Babik) and a teacher of the Georgian language in Moscow as well as Georgian and Russian students.

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