Call for applications to attend “The School on Central Asia – 2020”

29 October 2020

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund invites you to apply for participation in the School on Central Asia – 2020, which for the first time will take place online.

Topic of the event: “Russia and Central Asia: Strategic Partnership in the Era of Global Changes”.

Dates of the School: November 27-29, 2020.

Partner of the School: Information and Analytics Center at Moscow State University (IAC MSU).

Academic advisor of the School: Sergey Masaulov, Doctor of Philosophy, Chairman of the Association of Analysts and Experts “Discoveries of Middle Asia”.

The program of the School includes lectures, roundtables, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. Top scientists in the area of international relations from Russia and countries of Central Asia, well-known political scientists, politicians, historians, and representatives of NGOs will become experts of the School.

We can see that the world is undergoing serious changes in the areas of global security, ecology, socioeconomic field and world politics. Can those changes significantly affect the humankind or are we observing only temporary enhancement of the crisis trends and the world will come back to normal? It is obvious that the planet in 2020 will face critical challenges: starting from the coronavirus to revolutions. In such a situation it is important to evaluate relations between Russia and the countries of central Asia and identify the ways of developing a strategic dialogue.

Who can become a participant? 

  • researchers in the field of international relations, political science, economists, lawyers, historians; 
  • Master’s students, post-graduates and instructors from field-specific educational institutions; 
  • international journalists; 
  • representatives of NGOs specializing in international cooperation and public diplomacy; 
  • young diplomats and governmental officials.

Age of participants: 21-35.

The participants will be selected based on results of the competition.

How to apply?

In order to participate in the competition, please do the following:

  1. complete an application form of the Gorchakov Fund;

  2. attach an essay/research paper of not more 10 000 characters on the topic of the event (must include an analysis of the general topic of the project or one of its aspects; analysis of the state of bilateral relations between Russia and one of the countries of the region, area of cooperation, etc.);

  3. attach a motivation letter (Why would you like to attend the School on Central Asia – 2020”?).

Deadline for applications – November 23, 2020.
All candidates will be notified about results of the competition by email.

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