Congratulations to Leonid Drachevsky on his birthday!

05 April 2019

Today, on April 5, Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Leonid Drachevsky is celebrating his birthday.


Dear Mr. Drachevsky:

Everyone, who was lucky to work with you, knows about your outstanding organizing skills and your capability to achieve the best results. Under your guidance, the Gorchakov Fund has significantly expanded its activities and geographical presence. Its success in providing support to development of public diplomacy has been recognized on an international level.

Your self-discipline, persistence, determination and endless creative energy are an example for the employees of the fund, they create a lifestyle for all of us – to go the extra mile.   

Every day we find things to learn from you, we feel your support and take your advice. Your dedication to our organization and selfless desire to bring it to the top positions inspire respect.

Happy birthday! Wishing you happiness, strong health, prosperity, energy and great achievements in all your beginnings!

Your team at the Gorchakov Fund