Crimean NGOs received an opportunity to participate in promoting interests of Russia abroad

17 May 2016

Another forum of active citizens Soobshchestvo, organized by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, was held in Yalta. Its participants included over 700 people – representatives of non-profit organizations from the Republic of Crimea, businesses and governmental authorities.


Over 70 experts from different cities in Russia attended the forum to share their experience with the Crimean NGOs and present opportunities for development of their public activities.


At the opening of the event, member of the Civic Chamber of Russia Yuliya Zimova said that discovery of civic activists was the main goal of the forum. “Our work with them is a means of social mobility. Since the Crimea is with us, we have many new things that we are ready to demonstrate and share”, she mentioned.


Within the framework of the forum, a traditional platform “Involvement of NGOs into International Cooperation” was held, and a representative of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund participated in its work. The Crimean NGOs received an opportunity to participate in promoting interests of Russia abroad, and new aspects of implementation of international projects were explained to them.


The fora of active citizens Soobshchestvo have been held by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation in all federal districts of the country for the second year. For the first time, the series were held in 2015, and over 12 000 people took part in those events.

In 2016, the fora have been held in Perm (Perm Federal District), Omsk (Siberian Federal District), and Khabarovsk (Far Eastern Federal District). According to the schedule, the events will be held in Yekaterinburg (June, Ural Federal District), Vologda (July, Northwestern Federal District), Grozny (August, North Caucasian Federal District) and Volgograd (September, Southern Federal District). A final forum, dedicated to National Day of Unity, is planned to be held in Moscow on November 3-4.