Destruction of the world order and potential growth areas: discussion panels of the Gorchakov Fund at the Eurasia Global Forum

08 September 2020

The final day of the International Youth Forum “Eurasia Global” organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs for the fifth time has come to an end.

On the first day of the event, panel discussion “What the world order is based on: potential threats and growth areas” took place. Top experts in international relations and world politics discussed current state of the world today, identified potential problems, which it may confront in the nearest future, and assumed where and how the “growth areas” would emerge. The guest speakers included Dr. Sergey Panteleyev, Director of the Institute of Russian Expatriate Community; Dr. Stanislav Byshok, Executive Director of International Monitoring Organizations CIS-EMO; and Dr. Alexander Gushchin, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Post-Soviet and Interregional Studies, Associate Professor at the Department of Post-Soviet Countries at the Russian State University for the Humanities.

The second panel discussion “Russia 2025 and the world around it” focused on the problems of digitization of our life and its influence on international relations, current importance and the future of international youth cooperation as well as the place of Russia in the developing world in the 5-year term. Different perspectives were presented by experts – Deputy Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund the Roman Grishenin, Chairman of the National Youth Council of Russia Grigory Petushkov, and Head of the Project Office for Digital Development of the Samara region Dmitry Kamynin.

The last discussion “The future of the system of international relations: will re-formatting happen?” identified modern trends in global politics, which affect development of the world where we live. Senior Research Fellow of the Sector of Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine at Primakov IMEMO RAS Dr. Dmitry Ofitzerov-Belsky and Senior Research Fellow at Primakov IMEMO RAS Dr. Aleksey Kupriyanov paid special attention to the need of retrospective and reasonable assessment of the current crises and problems and absence of significant proof that the world order will be drastically changing in the nearest future.