“Dialogue in the Name of the Future – 2016”. Day 2. Information and its objectivity

11 December 2016

The second day of “Dialogue in the Name of the Future – 2016” has ended in Moscow. Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy at the Russian State University for the Humanities, Head of Department for Problems of Ethnic Relations at the Institute for Political and Military Analysis and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends Dr. Sergey Markedonov held a workshop “Rules of Source Studies: How to Search and Verify Information”.


The expert stressed once again a need in source studies when training foreign affairs experts and political scientists, importance of historiographic analysis of different documents related to ethnopolitical and intercommunal conflicts in the post-Soviet space.


According to him, working with documents serves as a basis for studying history of a conflict.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here