EMERTECH–2018: Challenges of the era of technologies will be discussed at IMEMO RAS

13 December 2018

Influence of new technologies on different global processes is constantly growing. As a result scientific and expert discussions on changes in economy, politics and social sphere are becoming more active. In this regard, the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS is hosting international conference EMERTECH–2018 “Breakthrough Technologies: Challenges to Society Development and Global Management”.

Experts from nine countries, representatives of top think tanks from Germany, China, Switzerland, Korea, USA and other countries as well as governmental officials are participating in the conference EMERTECH–2018.

President of the Primakov IMEMO RAS, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Dynkin welcomed the participants of the conference: “Today, social sciences focus on studying a hypothesis about how the model of a liberal market will adapt to new challenges. The future architecture of the world order depends on the answer to that question. Expert consensus that the world order will be in a quite turbulent stage of transformation has been established. A discussion about how the desired future will look like continues. That is why we are here”.

“New technologies influence all spectrum of life: starting from a military field, economy and medicine to culture and ethics. A concern about technologies, which are developing at an incredible speed, is emerging in the society, - mentioned in his speech Leonid Drachevsky, Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund. – The question about how it will affect the overall development of the world is extremely important. However, we should remember that the world consists of real people, who have their own fears”.

Conference EMERTECH–2018 is taking place in collaboration with the U.S. Atlantic Council. Director of the Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative of the Atlantic Council Mathew Burrows emphasized importance of such meetings and everyday cooperation: “The challenges of today are global in their nature. And the decisions should be of international character. We are trying to study threats of new technologies together in order to clearly understand how they affect the global system of relations”.

Director of the Korean-Russian Center for Cooperation on Science and Technologies KORUSTEC (South Korea) Gill Won Suh agreed with the thesis about the need for cooperation with Russia in resolution of problems of the new time:

“The recent negotiations between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in resulted in signing an agreement on expanding the bilateral cooperation. Two strong nations pursue the same goals, which involve many issues. They include research of the Arctic region and exploration of its natural resources. KORUSTEC supports partnership between companies of Russia and Korea. Our goal is to unite the best minds of both countries”.

Conference EMERTECH–2018 will end on December 14 and will become part of the large-scale international educational project of the Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation “Synthesis of Public Diplomacy and Modern Technologies as a New Trend in International Relations”, which has been sponsored by the Presidential Grants Foundation.