Experts discussed current state of media at the Dialogue in the Name of the Future-2018

04 December 2018

A final session of the first day of the Dialogue in the Name of the Future-2018 was roundtable “Media in the 21st Century – through Hardships to the Truth?” The session was moderated by Dr. Maksim Suchkov, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems and senior researcher at Laboratory of International Process Analysis of MGIMO under MFA of Russia. The speakers discussed current state of journalism and came to a conclusion that at present anyone could become a journalist and very often it would be a person without any special professional education.

Writer and political observer of RIA Novosti Dmitry Kosyrev expressed a provoking idea: “During the Soviet times there was common understanding of what qualities the journalist should have possessed. First of all, it should have been a person brilliantly educated and, secondly, someone, who knew just one thing. That is, in no case, it could have been a graduate of the faculty of journalism”.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Russia Beyond Gleb Fedorov came up with the following requirements for a modern journalist: “A journalist should be a marketer of his own brand, a good communicator, he or she should be able to translate from the Russian language into the Russian language of the audience that he or she is talking to”.

The Dialogue in the Name of the Future-2018 will last until December 8. Among the participants are representatives of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Serbia, Azerbaijan Moldova, USA, Montenegro, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, France, Germany and other countries.

The Dialogue in the Name of the Future will be the first part of large-scale International Educational Project “Synthesis of Public Diplomacy and Modern Technologies as a New Trend in International Relations”, which was sponsored by the Presidential Grants Foundation. The main organizer of the project is the Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation. The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS (IMEMO RAS) became partners of the event.