Festival-2017 was presented at the BRICS Youth Seminar sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund

15 July 2016

The research-practice seminar and training of Youth Expert Community BRICSYES! has ended on July 15 in Moscow.


As it was reported earlier, organizers of the event are BRICS National Committee for Research, Youth Expert Community BRICSYES!, and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.


Guests of the seminar were welcomed by Chairman of the National Youth Council of Russia and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends, Grigory Petushkov. He stressed importance of the BRICS topic in the activities of the association and development of international youth cooperation.


The head of the National Council told about the Conference of BRICS Youth Assembly in Barnaul, which had been held in the end of June, about the final decision and the process of work at the Statues of the future Assembly.


As it was specified by the National Council to our press service, the main goals of the Assembly included engagement of youth of the BRICS countries into advancement of the idea of a common, transparent and effective multilateral approach to creation of the polycentric world order under conditions of equal representation of the BRICS countries as well as support to development of effective international cooperation among national youth organizations, unions, and movements of the BRICS countries.

Grigory Petushkov also told about preparation for the 9th World Festival of Youth ad Students in 2017 at the seminar taking place in Moscow. “It will become, indeed, a historic event for the youth of our country. It is worth mentioning that, in particular, the youth of the BRICS countries will be one of the most outstanding delegations at the Festival. I invite BRICS NCR and a youth expert pool to join activities of the National Youth Council and the preparation process of the Festival”, he stressed.