Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s greetings on Diplomat's Day

10 February 2017

Greetings on Diplomat’s Day by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Sergey Lavrov, Moscow, February 10, 2017.


I congratulate all the Russian diplomats, our veterans with their professional holiday. This year we celebrate it for the 15th time. Today we honor our predecessors, their merits in strengthening Russian sovereignty, advancement of positions of Russia on the global arena. The richest heritage left by them, established traditions provide invaluable support in our today's activities. According to a well-known expression, “when the cannons talk, the diplomats must be silent”. Unfortunately, during the recent years it happened more than once when diplomats were not given a chance to speak and raw military power was applied right away. It was done by those, who tried to keep their dominance in the world, enforcing their rules and the so-called “values”.


Russia consistently speaks for respect of sovereignty and a right of nations to determine their own destiny. Unification of efforts in the fight against challenges and threats, which are common for all the humankind and, first of all, threats of international terrorism, can only be achieved based on equality of rights.


Russian diplomats honestly fulfill their duties. They dedicate their lives to their work. Unfortunately, tragedies cannot be avoided. In the end of last year Ambassador Karlov was dirtily assassinated. Recently Ambassador Kadakin has passed away. They were real patriots dedicated to their work. We will always remember them.


According to Concept of the Foreign Policy approved by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, MFA will continue its support in creating the most favorable external conditions for providing security and development of our country. In order to achieve that, we are working at strengthening sound principles on the international arena, development of integration processes in the Eurasian space, political settlement of crises and conflicts based on UN Charter.


We do not impose anything and do not teach anyone how to live, we do not try taking unilateral advantages. Great Chancellor of the Russian Empire Alexander Gorchakov stressed that “there are no diverging interests, which cannot be reconciled by passionate and hard work … in the spirit of justice and moderation”.


Precisely this approach will be used in the future as a basis for our actions in building equal and mutually beneficial relations with all the partners.


I wish employees of the diplomatic service, their families, our veterans strong health, prosperity, further success in their work for the benefit of their Motherland.

Source – MFA of Russia