Foreign participants of the Eurasia Global Forum will compete in a grant contest of the Gorchakov Fund

08 July 2020

The Gorchakov Fund in collaboration with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the National Youth Council of Russia is announcing a grant contest of international youth projects, which will be organized as part of the International Youth Educational Forum “Eurasia Global” (September 2-8, 2020 in Orenburg).

The fifth anniversary International Youth Educational Forum “Eurasia Global” provides a platform for a dialogue of young representatives from Russia and their foreign peers. In 2020, the forum will be held under the auspices of UNESCO. Its participants will include 400 youth representatives from Russia and 400 youth representatives from abroad.

All foreign applicants will be able to submit their international projects for participation in the grant contest. The Gorchakov Fund will support the best projects with the grants in the amounts of 200 000, 300 000 and 500 000 rubles.

The contest will be organized in two stages: by correspondence and in-person (defense of the projects). All projects will be evaluated by the expert committee, which will consist of top foreign affairs experts, government officials and representatives of international organizations.

Training sessions and master classes taught by foreign affairs experts and representatives of non-profit organizations have been planned on the sidelines of the forum in order to help the participants to defend their projects.

Only foreign participants of the Eurasia Global Forum are invited to apply for the grant contest. More information about how to register for the event is available here

Do you have any interesting projects and are you ready to present them? Then, follow these steps:

The deadline to submit applications is August 16.