Foreign policy courses for NGOs opened at the Gorchakov Fund

27 February 2020

On February 27, the Gorchakov Fund welcomed participants to the training courses, which had already become traditional: courses for heads and managers of NGO projects in the area of international relations. This program was developed with the aim of introducing representatives of Russian and foreign non-governmental organizations to principles, methods and opportunities of implementation of international projects.

The first working day of the event was opened by panel discussion “The Role of NGOs in the Foreign Policy of Russia”. The attendees were welcomed by Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Roman Grishenin. He mentioned that the main goal of the project was building a network of Russian non-governmental organizations in order to provide an opportunity for their representatives to communicate between each other, establish horizontal connections, and participated in further international cooperation.

Deputy Director of the Department for Liaisons with the Constituent Entities of the Federation, the Parliament and Public Association (DLPA) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Mozgo shared information about how the ministry was implementing the foreign policy tasks thorough development of interregional and interparliamentary ties. He emphasized how important it was that NGO representatives were providing objective information about our country to their colleagues abroad. According to the diplomat, cooperation of NGOs plays an important role in supporting the work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Igor Mozgo mentioned that non-profit organizations were participating as full members of discussions on many respected international platforms. 60 Russian NGOs have ECOSOC status of the United Nations. Productive cooperation is organized on the platform of OSCE. This being said, stressed the speaker, the civil society helped to improve the anti-Russian attitude at large conferences. Also, participation of our NGOs is extremely important in the international life of the country. Their voice is invaluable for providing the dialogue with objectivity. According to Igor Mozgo, joint implementation of projects with certain countries and foreign partners – bilateral forums of the civil society – are effective. Those dialogues assist in bringing people from different countries together; they provide an opportunity to jointly discuss key problems, share real information and not the one reported by mass media. The speaker mentioned informational-analytical and expert potential of leading NGOs, their significance on the track of confrontation of history falsification.

Deputy Head of Administration for Implementation of Youth Programs and Development of Public Diplomacy at Rosmolodezh Andrey Kovalenko also spoke about prospects of broadening cooperation between the government and the civil society in the area of foreign policy. He urged the social activists to organize their events at Russian Centers of Science and Culture abroad and ask the federal agency for extensive support.