“Foreign Policy in the Current Era”. The Gorchakov Fund supported the 24th Assembly of the Council on Defense and Foreign Policy

11 April 2016

The 24th Assembly of the Council on Defense and Foreign Policy was held in Moscow. Its organizers had chosen slogan “Foreign Policy in the Current Era”. The assembly was supported by the Gorchakov Fund.


The first session of the conference “Analysis of Global Trends” was dedicated to a discussion of current status of the system of international security and search for answers to reemerging threats as it was mentioned on a Facebook page of the Council.


A speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov became a central event of the assembly according to Rossiyskaya gazeta:


“The minister stressed that philosophy of equal cooperation, proposed by Moscow, was encountering confrontation from the West. Under those conditions, construction of the new world order was becoming extremely difficult. “A period of uncertainty is continued. It is impossible to answer all the questions at one stroke, to invent some kind of a magic formula, which will allow solving any problems, especially, in the current international situation, which remains mosaic and controversial”, the head of the Russian diplomacy explained. Lavrov also informed the attendees that at present in accordance with an order of the Russian president “fundamental, doctrinal” documents were being developed. It refers to a new version of the “National Security Strategy” and the “Concept of Foreign Policy of Russia”. Lavrov specified that it involved a long transition period to polycentric architecture.


During the discussion, the participants frequently mentioned that, having remained, actually, face to face with the West, Russia, despite ill-wishers, “had not lost its way” and, on the contrary, had become a recognized center of power. Mostly due to the fact that under the conditions of geopolitical instability and destruction of fundamentals of the word order by certain players, Russia stays a global leader in defending such concepts as justice and adherence to the norms of international law.


Watch a speech by Sergey Lavrov

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