Immortal Regiment of the Gorchakov Fund. Please join us!

05 May 2020

In anticipation of the great celebration – the 75th anniversary of the Victory – we continue our commemoration campaign, which was launched last year – the Immortal Regiment of the Gorchakov Fund. We are inviting members of the Gorchakov Club and partners of the Fund to share stories of their family members, whose lives were touched by the war. Some were able to survive, while others did not came back after the battle…

Please write to us and tell us who were the war veterans to you, mention their years of life, main stages of their military record – in what regiment they served and on what front they fought, what cities and towns your family members liberated, what orders and medals they received and, probably, the most important fact – if you had a chance to talk to those veterans. Please share the most memorable and, perhaps, the most emotional details of their memories.

Please send the stories of your families with photos at and mention “Immortal Regiment” in the subject of the message.