International conference “Russia and Turkey in the Modern System of Global and Regional Security”. Winners have been announced!

04 October 2016

Results of the contest to get travel and accommodation expenses covered for participants of the conference “Russia and Turkey in the Modern System of Global and Regional Security” have been finalized. The forum will be held with grant support of the Gorchakov Fund.


This information was provided on the official website of the Center for Oriental Studies, International Relations and Public Diplomacy.


According to the sources, based on the results of the review of 34 applications, the contest committee headed by Director of the Center Vladimir Avatkov selected the following nominees as the winners:


  • A.N. Atrashkevich – Minsk (Belarus);
  • I.N. Vedeneyev – Chelyabinsk;
  • G.P. Grigoryan – Yerevan (Arrmenia);
  • F.L. Gumarov – Kazan;
  • A.V. Zheleznyak – Orneburg;
  • Y.S. Menshikov – Chelyabinsk;
  • K.S. Pavlyuchkova – Donestk (DPR/Ukraine);
  • O.I. Rakhmatulin – Astana (Kazakhstan);
  • Y.M. Styagova – Barnaul;
  • T.Y. Tsareva – Donetsk (DPR/Ukraine);
  • A.Y. Tsypushtanova – Voronezh;
  • A.A. Shulga – Donetsk (DPR/Ukraine).

“Those, who have not been selected, can apply again for participation in the conference without their travel and accommodation expenses covered. Participation in the event with publication of an article is possible only in person (the conference will be held in Moscow at the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia, beginning is at 2:30 pm Moscow time)”, specifies the source.