Is Russia heading for the South-East? A talk with an expert on Mediametrics Radio

11 November 2018

On November 13-15, Vladimir Putin will visit Singapore, where he will attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Russia Summit and the 13th East Asia Summit (EAS). Cooperation between countries of Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, in general, on the background of tensions in relations with the West has once again become one of priorities of the foreign policy of Russia.

Are countries of the region actually interested in more active participation of Russia in the regional agenda? Is economic or political presence of Russia more in demand? What countries does Russia indent to rely on in its movement towards the South-East? How is Russia’s interest in the region perceived by China and the U.S.?

The next broadcast of radio show “Geopolitical Kitchen with Igor Shatrov” is on November 11 at 2:00 pm. The guest of the studio is Grigory Trofimchuk, Chairman of the Expert Council of the Foundation for Support of Scientific Research “Workshop of Eurasian Ideas”. The broadcast of the show on Mediametrics Radio will be made again in cooperation with the Gorchakov Fund represented by Viktoria Puzanova.

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