Konstantin Kosachev met with participants of the CIS School of Public Diplomacy supported by the Gorchakov Fund

13 February 2015

Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Committee for International Affairs of the Federation Council, member of the Management Board of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, met with participants of the CIS School of Public Diplomacy on February 12.


As reported by press service of the Federation Council, it was noted at the meeting that during the past years the interest for public diplomacy, which turned into an important instrument of foreign policy in the whole world, had significantly increased. A large number of projects is developed and implemented in Russia with the participation of government bodies within the framework of the program on creation of a positive image of our country abroad.


The School of Public Diplomacy is a project aiming at providing further education for students, postgraduates and young politicians in the area of political and socio-economic cooperation. Meetings with well-known politicians and public figures as well as master classes taught by experts in the field of international relations are included in the program, writes the source.


Konstantin Kosachev answered numerous questions of the participants during the meeting. In particular, when talking about the current situation in the world, the parliamentarian noted that European countries should strive for achieving a congregative and conciliatory agenda. “We need to talk seriously about the future that is awaiting Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as about  integration bodies with the participation of Russia”, the source quotes Konstantin Kosachev.


 “If all of these topics are seriously and jointly discussed, this will serve as a guarantee that crises, similar to the one in Ukraine, will not happen again in Europe”, underlined the senator.


When drawing conclusions of the meeting, Konstantin Kosachev underlined that communication with young politicians is very important and necessary format for the Federation Council. “It is one of serious directions of our work. Let us work together”, he summarized.


As reported, the School of Public Diplomacy of the CIS States opened in Moscow on February 9. The organizer of the event is Russian Union of Youth (RUY). The forum was supported by the Gorchakov Fund.


The main goal of the project is providing further education for students, postgraduates, young entrepreneurs and experts in the area of international relations.


Watch TV broadcast of the meeting


Photo – Press service of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation