Leonid Drachevsky: the world has lost its “self-preservation instinct”

23 October 2018

On October 23, conference “Russia and Romania: Major Events During 140 years Since Establishing Diplomatic Relations”, organized with the support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy, took place at the premises of Titulescu European Foundation in Bucharest. State Secretary at the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Romania Maria Magdalena Grigore, President of Titulescu European Foundation Adrian Nastase, Ambassador of Russia to Romania Valery Kuzmin and Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Leonid Drachevsky addressed the participants.

The participants agreed that the event itself was a great example of dynamically developing cooperation between scientific and academic communities of Russia and Romania. In his speech, Leonid Drachevsky mentioned that the modern world was in the state of turbulence, which had been caused by a loss of the “instinct of self-preservation”, which had been present in international relations after World War II and encouraged all participants of global processes to be composed and respectful towards each other. In this regard, the executive director of the Gorchakov Fund mentioned M. Litvinov and N. Titulescu – outstanding Russian and Romanian politicians – who were able to find opportunities for building bilateral relations between the USSR and Romania during a very difficult and contradictory era of the 30s.

The participants of the conference included representatives of Russian and Romanian academic circles, who presented a retrospective analysis of history of the Russian-Romanian relations as well as their own assessments of development of those relations under conditions of modern global political processes.